Dried vines and herbs

For a more complex flavor, toss grapevine trimmings and rosemary or other herbs on the coals, or put them in the smoker box of your gas grill (Peoples Woods; 800-729-5800).

Scented ceramic briquettes

Get the flavor of wood smoke on a gas grill by using Char-Broil’s hickory-scented briquettes in place of lava rocks (800-241-8981;

Grill brush

Prevent sticking by brushing the grate with a long-handled, brass-bristled brush after the grill is hot but before you start cooking. Char-Broil makes a nice version.

Grill mitts

Protect your hands and arms from flying sparks with Grilla Gear’s heavy-duty rawhide gloves (800-545-4411).

Marinade needle

Insert marinades deep into roasts and turkeys with Chef Williams’ Cajun Injector, an oversize hypodermic (800-221-8060;

Two-prong skewers

Slippery foods like shrimp can slide around on traditional skewers; hold kebabs in place with Weber’s double-barreled version (800-446-1071;


For a firm, no-slip grip on roasts or pork shoulders, try spring-loaded tongs. Grilla Gear makes especially wide tongs designed for turning fish fillets.

Patio heater

Barbecue outdoors on chilly nights with Dynamic Cooking Systems’ propane- or natural-gas-fired heaters (800-433-8466;