This 'Eggo Nog' Puts a Breakfast Twist on Holiday Drinking

Kellogg's teamed with a Tennessee distillery to produce the 40-proof, waffle-inspired beverage.

A new eggnog from Eggo
Photo: Eggo

Even though we're still stocking up on bags of Halloween candy, it's somehow time to start thinking about the next holiday season. Most retailers are doing their part and already have their holiday displays out, supermarkets are strongly suggesting that you start stocking up on seasonal ingredients, and the Hallmark Channel's annual "Countdown to Christmas" starts next Friday for some reason.

So all that said, this is clearly the right time for Kellogg's to debut its brand new "Eggo Nog" cream liqueur. The cleverly named rum-based beverage was created in partnership with Gatlinburg, Tennessee's Sugarlands Distilling Co. (It also has to be the first time that something Eggo-related is specifically for the 21-and-over crowd.)

A new eggnog from Eggo

"We had an idea based on what we'd heard from parents, about this 'Me Time' that they have at night where they're eating Eggo waffles," Joe Beauprez, Marketing Director with Eggo, told Food & Wine. "Instead of it being the kids in the morning around the table, it was them at night having a toasted waffle. They'd put a scoop of ice cream on it or drizzle it with chocolate sauce, and we thought that was interesting. We started to think about how we could elevate that occasion in a way that's for the parents."

It took a bit of brainstorming, but Beauprez and his team eventually decided to turn that kids' breakfast staple into an after-dinner drink designed just for adults. After tasting some of Sugarlands' other Appalachian Sippin' Creams, Beauprez said he felt like they'd found "exactly the kind of partner they were looking for" to make Eggo Nog a reality.

The result of that collaboration is a 40-proof combo of exactly what you love about both Eggos and eggnog. "It's really heavy on deep flavors of churned cream, and cinnamon and nutmeg, which we feel pair really well with that perfectly toasted Eggo waffle," Sugarlands Master Distiller Greg Eidam said.

A new eggnog from Eggo

Both Beauprez and Eidam hope that not only will Eggo Nog become a new holiday tradition, but that it will also build on the seasonal sentiments that eggnog can conjure. "For me, the taste of eggnog makes me think of my grandparents," Eidam said. "They always brought it out during the holiday season. It makes me remember those times with my family and it takes me back there."

"There's a lot of nostalgia built into Eggo Nog," Beauprez added. "Eggo has been helping parents for almost 70 years now, giving kids a great breakfast that parents love to serve. And that kind of nostalgia dovetails really nicely with the nostalgia of eggnog and the holiday season. We're really excited about it."

Eggo Nog will be available in select retailers nationwide for the duration of this holiday season. To find a retailer near you, visit

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