By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 05, 2014
Credit: © Amy Erickson

We live in a glorious era where everything that can be deep-fried has been deep-fried. In fact, our biggest problem may be that we are running out of unique things to dip in hot oil. However, the holidays always seem to bring out the best, and thus deep-fried eggnog is born.

The recipe comes from Oh Bite It, and it doesn’t seem particularly complicated. The only ingredients are premade pound cake, eggnog and oil for frying, as well as sugar, rum and nutmeg to make the glaze. The eggnog flavor is created by giving cubed pound cake a quick nog soak. From there, a short frying session, add a little rum glaze for extra boozy goodness and you’re done.

Oh Bite It describes their dessert as “a one-bite wonder that will leave everyone speechless...mostly because they won’t stop eating them, but also because they’re just THAT good!” At the very least, you’re sure to be left with plenty of rum to pass around.

[h/t Neatorama]