Breakfast lovers are getting their own version of the Museum of Ice Cream. 
The Kitchen
Credit: Courtesy of The Egg House

Two major exhibitions have opened up in the recent years that focus on people who have a sweet tooth: The Museum of Ice Cream and the Museum of Candy. Now, breakfast fiends have cause to celebrate: Enter Egg House, a NYC pop-up that promises to be an equally worth Instagram contender as the food exhibits before it.

The Foyer
Credit: Courtesy of The Egg House

We’re supposed to imagine Egg House, which is expected to open on April 7 on New York City’s Lower East Side, as a house that an actual egg named Ellis lives in. (Stay with us.) Once Ellis falls asleep, his guests are allowed to roam around the house and explore.

The Hallway
Credit: Courtesy of The Egg House

First, visitors will walk through the foyer, and then the kitchen, which will feature several different installations. Next, they’ll walk through the hallway, which is lined with vending machines, and finally, they'll see the pool, which is filled with caviar-shaped balls (much like you’ll find at Museum of Ice Cream’s fake sprinkles-filled pool).

The Pool
Credit: Courtesy of The Egg House

Visitors will also be able to visit the garden, which provides a glimpse into the "secret room." The final room is the bedroom, details about which are being kept strictly under wraps until the opening date. All we know so far is that visitors will experience the room’s “interactive features.”

The Secret Room
Credit: Courtesy of The Egg House

Along the way, Egg House guests will be able to exchange tokens for egg-based treats from featured food vendors, including Egg Shop and Eggloo, an egg waffle ice cream parlor. Egg House will also host sit-down breakfast events with the Breakfast Club, which organizes meals in cities around the world, each one prepared by a chef who is not known for cooking breakfast.

The Garden
Credit: Courtesy of The Egg House

Finally, visitors will also get a sample of eggnog while they're there, as well as coffee—a necessity during any egg-based experience—and breakfast items to enjoy along the way.

Egg House will only be open for three months from April 7 to June 27, and as a breakfast oasis from the bustle of New York City, it will probably prove popular. Tickets go on sale March 15.