The quickly growing field of smartphone-based virtual reality headsets allows pretty much any modern smartphone to be turned into an immersive VR experience. Thanks to this fun tech, I’ve walked alongside a reporter, been wheeled through an insane asylum and even went on a virtual whiskey tasting. But if there’s one thing the technology has been lacking, it’s that these headsets are not edible. Maybe “has been lacking” provides the wrong connotation; maybe “doesn’t have because it doesn’t need” would fit in better.

Regardless, the folks over at Make: decided to find a solution to a problem that didn’t exist by building an edible virtual reality viewer. Following the simple format the Google Cardboard headset – which as it promises, is made from not much more than cardboard – Make:’s Caleb Kraft replicated that cardboard in graham cracker form and used icing as adhesive to create a viewer that not only worked, but was almost completely edible with the exception of the all-important lenses.

For the record, Kraft gave considerable consideration to making edible lenses. “I was going to order…lenses and make a mold, then experiment with sugar glass and gelatin to get an edible lens,” he wrote. “I’m still fairly certain I could get something that would technically work, though it would be cruddy. However, I just didn’t have the time.”

In the end, Kraft proves that, indeed, his headset is edible by chowing down on the entire thing. Enduring that much graham cracker and icing in one sitting actually seemed to be the hardest part of the project.