bacon bouquet
Credit: © Bacon Bouquet / Photographer: Joseph Lacerte

A box of Valentine's Day chocolates sounds delicious, but why not up the ante this year with an edible bouquet that really speaks from the heart stomach?

There have been quite a few options that are on everyone's radar, from well-established brands and traditional ideas to homemade inventions worthy of a pat on the back (or at least a high five).

We've rounded them all up and ranked them for your shopping convenience.

Check out our thoughts below!

7. Edible Arrangements


If fruit on a stick is your idea of a good time, an Edible Arrangement is the perfect gift for you. Sure, we all love to make healthier choices, but there's something always off about these honeydew and cantaloupe-heavy concoctions. Perhaps it's the lack of fruit diversity. More likely it's the lack of good chocolate.

6. Chicken Nugget Bouquet


This headline-garnering idea is adorable in theory, but disgusting in reality. We're pretty sure McNuggets have about a five minute shelf life. And does this even come with sauce? It's not even worth creating if you don't "water" the chicken with sauce.

5. Cookie Bouquet


It's a well-known fact that cookie bouquets are always an acceptable gift option (the ones pictured look delicious!), but they're not always as exciting or innovative. Baking homemade cookies, from even a storebought stick, is certainly the more delicious alternative.

4. Beef Jerky "Broquet"


We love the beef jerky "broquet" because the entire thing is edible. No stems, no paper, no cantaloupe. Just a hearty, nutritious, protein-filled snack to get you through the work day.

3. Bacon Bouquet

Bacon is never a bad idea and these guys last two weeks, unrefrigerated. But honestly, who allows bacon to last for two weeks? Someone undeserving of this gift, that's who.

2. Beer Bouquet


OK, so this is really more of a bucket than a bouque, but hey, that's how they're billing it. And if you're single, this is probably the most universally-adored and appropriate bouquet option. Cheers to yourself for another year.

1. Reese's Bouquet (Or any candy bouquet, really)


Fresh-cut roses have nothing on chocolate and peanut butter. If food is the way to a person's heart, then this gift warrants a marriage proposal. And yes, you can buy one pre-made here.