A Mexican candy company is hoping to sell their grainy confection in America. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
June 23, 2017
Credit: Hype Photography / Getty Images 

When you’re at the beach, getting sand in your mouth (and in your sandwich, bathing suit, and every other crevice you can think of) is usually a nightmare – except maybe for kids, who are willing to eat just about anything. 

Maybe that’s why Delicrea, a Mexican confectionery company partnered with PepisCo, is hoping to bring their edible sand – the company makes a whole range of edible toys including Candy Bricks, Candy Clay and a lollipop maker – to the U.S.

According to Confectionery News, the company displayed their product, called Yummy Sand, at last month’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago.

Yummy Sand is touted as a food you’re actually allowed to play with. Kids are encouraged to build sand castles out of the sand, which comes in 80 gram bags, and if and when they eat it, it turns into bubble gum as they chew it.

 The product (which doesn’t sound all that hygienic, given how dirty kids’ hands can get when they’re playing) will be released in Mexico in September, but Delicrea is already looking for a wider audience for their creation in America.

“It’s just sugar with a gum base,” Isabel Zavala, a customer relations person at Delicrea told Confectionery News at the time of the expo. So it’s not the healthiest toy a kid could eat either (that would be the OG Mr. Potato Head). But the company says they’re trying to urge young children to be creative.

“We are trying to awake the social skills and creativity of kids and encourage them to share with others,” she explained. 

If Yummy Sand is released in the U.S., it will come with a shovel and two sand castle molds for just $3 per pack. Parents who buy the toy for their kids will just have to be careful they don’t start to believe the real beach is edible, too.