And we bet they're hard to solve.
rubik's cube cake
Credit: © Chef Cedric Grolet

When you hear "Rubik's Cube," sophistication may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But these edible Rubik's Cubes by award-winning French pastry chef Cedric Grolet are way fancier than any brainteaser you've ever played with. These petit fours (petit nines?) are made of twenty-seven tiny cakes, stacked into a perfect little pastry Rubik's Cube, for an extremely visually satisfying dessert experience.

Warning: unless you want to completely deconstruct and reconstruct these cubes, you probably won't actually be able to solve the Rubik's Cube. Despite how meticulously these pastries are crafted, you might have to suffer just a littleimperfection. Or you could go for the lemon square Rubik's Cube, which is completely gold. Kind of defeats the purpose of a Rubik's Cube, but at least it's already solved.

Grolet's Rubik's Cube cakes are available at Paris's Le Dali restaurant for dessert or afternoon tea. The restaurant is in the Hôtel Le Meurice, right by the Seine and the Louvre. So yeah, it's a bit of a step up from the Rubik's Cube experience you had in the backseat of the car when you were a kid. In fact, these Rubik's Cube pastries might be the least geeky a Rubik's Cube has ever been.

Grolet has been making these Rubik's Cubes since 2013, but it's pretty clear from the early cubes that he hadn't quite perfected his system yet. Today's cubes are sleeker, smoother, and more intricately garnished than the original model. For more of Cedric Grolet's gorgeous pastry creations, you can follow him on Instagram. Also, if you're a fan of these pastry Rubik's Cubes, you might also like these Tetris cookie cutters or these chocolate Legos. Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't play with your food.