Credit: © Imagestopshop / Stockimo / Alamy

Food waste is problem of global growing concern. Because of its limited shelf life, produce is especially vulnerable to going unused. But a group of Swedish students believes they have a solution: Don’t throw that expiring fruit out – pulverize it!

FoPo Food Powder is a product created by students at Lund University in Sweden. Nearly expired fruits and vegetables are dried and turned into a powder creating a product with a new shelf life of two years that still maintains much of the nutrition and taste of the original products. It appears FoPo is the first freeze-dried fruit product made entirely from produce that was slated to be thrown out.

“[We are] not into using a new product or new technology, [but] creating value out of the inefficiency of the food system,” Gerald Marin, a food innovation and product design student, told Mashable. “The innovation of our business is that we are getting the expired fruits and vegetables.”

FoPo is currently available in three flavors: banana, raspberry and mango. The original Kickstarter behind the product suggests it can be used to make vegan ice cream or banana cake or be used as a topping on yogurt.

Though the idea of eating a powder from nearly rotten fruit might not seem appealing, the students behind the project also believe it could also be used to combat hunger. “It becomes an ideal product for humanitarian aid purposes since it can be produced for a lower price while preserving the nutritional contents,” Marin was quoted as saying.

Finding unique ways to use expiring fruit is as old of a concept as your grandmother making banana bread out of that pile of forgotten brown bananas. So why not throw some innovation into the mix?