Credit: KFC / Official

A shock to most of the world today: KFC serves coffee. Not only that, but KFC UK has started serving piping hot cups of joe in fully edible cookie cups. The fast-food chain worked in tandem with food scientists to design, bake and manufacture cookies formed in the shape of coffee cups. To prevent leakage and provide insulation, the cookie cup, called the Scoff-ee cup, is wrapped in a layer of sugar paper and iced with white chocolate. As hot coffee is poured into the cup, the cookie itself warms and softens. The outer icing carries the KFC logo and design, making it dangerously indistinguishable from their non-edible coffee cups.

Luckily, caffeine junkies won’t have to worry about mistakenly biting into their paper cups after slugging down their coffee: The edible cups are also infused with scents called Coconut Sun Cream, Freshly Cut Grass and Wild Flowers, which are all intended to evoke warmth and sunshine—two things UK consumers can always use more of. Customers could see the first Scoff-ee cups arriving at KFC this summer, but no word on if or when they will be making their way across the Atlantic. If a US expansion is in the cards, it will be the most anticipated twist on edible dinnerware since the bread bowl.