Amazon Plants makes it easier than ever to grow your own ingredients.
Credit: Getty Images/First Light

But in all of this month's Amazon news, you may have missed the launch of the Amazon Plants Store earlier in the week.

Featuring an array of shrubs, flowers, and succulents, along with some tips on plant types, pots, and terminology, the store seems designed to get your garden as hooked on Amazon Prime shipping as many humans are. With spring around the corner, the launch also coincides with the time of the year that you might start thinking about growing your own green delights for the kitchen, and fortunately, Amazon Plants offers plenty of edible options.

On the more classic side, there's the berries. A pot of southern Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry ($28) could be the start of an extremely homemade cobbler, while a Big Lifeberry Goji Berry ($30) will give you the rare chance to tell dinner guests that the bowl of goji berries they're snacking on is homegrown. And to round out your berry trio, some Black Lace Elderberry ($18) makes a great start to your own jams, or even wine.

If you really want to go for it with your edible garden though, a good start could be a Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon, which is probably better known as Hibiscus ($22), which will let you add a real garden touch to cocktails and tea. Or, if you want the fruits of your gardening labor to come out slightly larger, the Desert King Fig (ficus carica) ($20) provides a sweet and early crop. Just throw on some plant music and get gardening!