Actually, he can beat that.

Ed Sheeran is certainly a talented pop singer and songwriter, but the guitar strumming British superstar has another trick up his sleeve. In a recent installment of The Late Late Show with James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke," the talk show host, who is doing a week of shows in London, chauffers Sheeran (around Los Angeles) while they belt out some of the singer's hits. Then Corden confronts Sheeran a rumor he'd heard about latter's affinity for Maltesers candies. Sheeran confirms that the rumor is indeed true, he can fit forty seven Maltesers in his mouth at once.

Maltesers are the Whopper-like candy (though everyone in the Food & Wine office who has tried them agrees the former is better). If you've never had them and are stuck Stateside, don't worry—they're now popping up in candy aisles across the U.S. thanks to Mars Chocolates.

At the 3:43 mark, Corden challenges Sheeran to a mouth-stuffing contest with the candies. It must be harder than it looks because Corden doesn't last nearly as long as Sheeran, who ends up proving that the 47 number is grossly underestimated. Speaking of "gross," both Brits also show you the proper way to dispose of a mouthful of malted chocolates on the side of the road.

Another clip from Corden's trip home to the UK includes the host and his band taking over a British Airways flight. After a plane-themed monologue, Cordon reads the in-menu over the public address system (they're in business class, so it's appropriately fancy), and bandleader Reggie Watts serenades the passengers with his bandmates accompanying him acapella.

Around five minutes in, after Watts specifies his fish be super, super single origin, Corden asks to taste the available wines before the plane takes off. The flight attendant makes an exception to rules about serving alcohol only while in the air. Of course, Corden's "taste" of the wine list goes a little overboard. Maybe he should just stick to a nice high-atlitidue beer instead.