By FWx Editors
Updated September 26, 2016

2.2 million Scoville units—to most people that is just a huge number on a scale they don’t really understand. In actuality that is the measurement of how hot the Carolina Reaper Pepper—the world’s spiciest—is. Since Carolina Reapers are hotter than commercial pepper spray, those that consume them comprise a small, thrill-seeking niche. But, either because we are thrill-seeking or because we are stupid, we decided to experienced the Reaper first-hand. Ours came in the form of an individually wrapped tortilla chip from Paqui. You can currently buy the Carolina Reaper Madness chips at select grocery stores around the country. But after watching the consequences of eating one you might not want to. Click over here for more information about the chips, including where to find them.

If you need us, we’ll be buying the entire milk cooler at the bodega around the corner.