You'd have to consume 1,627 pieces of candy corn in a single sitting to do some potentially fatal damage.

By Gillie Houston
Updated June 13, 2017
© Getty Images/iStockphoto

Is there such a thing as death by chocolate? While your average Halloween candy overdose might make you feel like you're dying, chances are you'll survive the night with no more than a sugar hangover. However, one group of scientists decided to determine just how much of the sweet stuff one costumed partier would have to consume to actually reach fatal levels, and spoiler alert: It's a lot.

Researchers at the American Chemical Society calculated this deathly dosage of sugar with an "LD 50" for sucrose—also known as the amount of sugar that, when consumed in a single sitting, will kill at least 50 percent of a test group. According to Forbes, this amount was determined based on a group of rats and readjusted for an average 180-pound American.

The scientists found that the average person would have to consume around 5.4 pounds of sugar in once sitting to have a 50 percent chance of dying. Though just over 5 pounds of candy might not sound like a monumental amount, that sugar serving would equate to around 262 pieces of trick-or-treat-sized candy, or about 20,000 calories worth. For fans of smaller sources of sugar, like candy corn, they'd have to consume 1,627 pieces of the stuff in a single sitting to do some potentially fatal damage. In case you're keeping count, that's nearly 5 bags of the kernel-sized candies.

For those who don't fall into the 180-pound category, the scientists who conducted the study developed a simple formula to determine the amount you, or your child, would have to eat to meet your demise, by plugging your specific weight into the following: (Wx13.5)/9.3 = LD 50 of "fun sized" candy.

Chances are you won't ever get close to this level of candy consumption, whether on Halloween, after your next break-up, or during an extreme boredom binge. But all things considered, it wouldn't be the WORST to go out in a blaze of Jelly Belly.