Couldn't hurt?

Curry Prevents Baldness
Credit: © Getty Images/iStockphoto

Japan and India have low rates of baldness. And while some might attribute this to genetics, one Japanese researcher thinks there's something else contributing to the countries' fuller heads of hair: curry.

According to Asian news site RocketNews24, this claim originates with a recent survey by a Japanese wigmaker about which nations have the highest percentage of bald men. Japan was ranked 14th, with Western nations—including America, which had double the baldness rate of Japan—taking the lead. The survey also found that India didn't even rank in the top 20 countries for baldness.

According to nutritionist Yoshiko Nakagawa, the obvious conclusion to draw is that eating curry—which originated in India and is incredibly popular in Japan—prevents men from losing their hair. Nakagawa points to the mix of spices—often including turmeric, nutmeg, saffron, chili peppers—as an element of Eastern medicine, which increases blood flow and promotes hair growth.

While there's very little—okay, zero scientific reasoning behind Nakagawa's theory, it couldn't hurt to order Indian tonight.

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