By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 18, 2016
© Isabella Giancarlo

Maybe you got in a little over your head this Valentine’s Day and are desperately looking for a way out. Or maybe you had a horrible Valentine’s and could use some reassurance that you’re not the world’s only loveless freak. Or maybe you just like high-concept desserts.

Whatever your reason, Eat Your Heart Out is the art project you’ve been looking for. The past couple of weeks, designer and baker Isabella Giancarlo has been taking breakup lines, turning them into pies, cakes, cookies and the like, and then posting photos of the results to Instagram. The artist was originally sourcing quotes from her friends’ miserable relationship experiences, but has since opened up submissions on her website in case you have your own misery you want to have turned into a dessert.

“Break-ups are often so fraught with awkwardness, clichés, and lines that stay with us long after they’ve been said,” Giancarlo told BuzzFeed. “My aim is to allow people to engage with break-up feelings in a new way.” To be able to enjoy devouring the words that may have traumatized you is definitely a fun concept. And maybe you’ll end up with such a negative association with sugary treats that you’ll swear off those high-calorie foods for good: It’s like the world’s most depressing diet plan!

You can follow along as Giancarlo bakes her way through heartbreak over at @EatYourHeartOut. Hopefully you like it. And if you don’t, hey, I don’t care because I see you more as my sister.