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Last week, The Independent reported that there might soon be a chocolate shortage due to a drought in Africa’s Ivory Coast, where much of the world’s cocoa beans are grown. With everything from Raisinets to M&M’s made into a dark chocolate version and high cacao content bars marketed as a health food, the demand for dark over milk chocolate might further drive up chocolate prices. Intellectually, I love a snappy piece of dark chocolate, but sometimes I just prefer a less cerebral, ooey-gooey piece of milk-chocolate-covered caramel—sticky fingers and all. As Oded Brenner, the head honcho behind Wonka-like Max Brenner Chocolates once told us: “Dark chocolate with lavender is a fun trend, but in the end, I just want some milk chocolate with hazelnuts.” I couldn’t agree more.

These excellent, F&W-tested milk chocolate treats might not ward off pesky free radicals with their ultra-antioxidant powers, but they could help you save the world, one less cocoa bean at a time:

Godiva, masters of the spendy chocolate gift box, just introduced a new line of yummy candies in small, portable packaging, called Chocoiste. The almond toffee caramel bars are my favorite since they taste like grown-up Twix.

When the whimsical Max Brenner Chocolates opened last fall in New York, I totally fell for its “Favorite Cocoa,” milk chocolate praline rolled in toasty coconut.

A spoonful of the new creamy milk version of The King's Cupboard's rich chocolate icing is a frequent afternoon treat.

The peanut butter malt balls covered in a luscious rather than waxy milk chocolate from Grocery Market and Café in Philadelphia are so addictive, I ate an entire bag in one day.(215-922-5252)

The caramelized Rice Krispies in my favorite bar from Charles Chocolate make it extra-crunchy.