The closest you'll ever come to eating like the King of France.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017
Alain Ducasse Restaurant in Versailles
Credit: © Daniel Haug / Getty Images

Alain Ducasse is no stranger to luxury. He’s known for dishes like pastry-encrusted foie gras and caviar-topped langoustine at his Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world, from Las Vegas to Monaco. So it doesn’t surprise us to hear that he is opening a new restaurant in the capital of decadence, Versailles.

Once the lavish playground of French royalty like Marie Antoinnette and Louis XIV, the massive Palace of Versailles is currently a tourist attraction, known for its architecture, art exhibitions and gardens. Recently, the board of directors voted to expand the palace’s appeal by renting out part of the castle as a boutique hotel and restaurant—which will be run by chef Ducasse.

The hotel, run by the LOV Hotel Collection, will include twenty guest rooms, a spa and an underground swimming pool. The style will be in keeping with the setting—we’re guessing lots of gold leaf, mirrors and marble. No word as of yet on Ducasse’s plans for the restaurant, but we predict the dishes will probably be less like this and more like this. Both the restaurant and the hotel are scheduled to open in 2018.