What chef couples cook for love.

Married couples who cook together--it sounds like a dangerous proposition. With all those sharp knives and heavy pots and pans, who knows what could happen if there's too much salt in the soup or a nick in a favorite blade? We decided to ask the experts, seven pairs of husband-and-wife chefs who've taken the vow to cook together, for better or for worse. At work, they say, they function in perfect harmony--and at home, well, most of the time.

In honor of Valentine's Day, they've shared with us recipes that have a special meaning for them: Bill and Michelle Bracken ate German chocolate cake on their wedding day. Philippe and Susan Boulot mark their anniversaries with the lamb stew he cooked the day their son was born. Bruce and Susan Molzan used maple syrup from her parents' trees for their first apple cake. Here's to bliss in the kitchen.