F&W’s Nick Fauchald uses his grill to cook big, brawny cuts of beef, delicate little chops—and a tin of muffins. For him, each recipe includes at least one clever shortcut.

1. Try Big Cuts for Big Parties

Large cuts of meat feed a crowd with relatively little effort. Beef tenderloin cooks quickly, and pork shoulder almost cooks by itself.

2. Use Thin Cuts for Everyday

Slender cuts like veal scallopine, beef skirt steak and lamb rib chops save time, since they take only a few minutes to grill.

3. Use the Grill as a Stove

Using the grill as an oven (to bake muffins) and as a stovetop (for fondue) prevents lots of repeat trips from the grill to the kitchen.

4. Plan for Leftovers

The leftovers from one meal (like Grilled-Chicken Banh Mi) become the basis for the next one (like Vietnamese Chicken Salad).

5. Try Smoky Ingredients

Take advantage of the flavors of ingredients like smoked almonds and smoked trout, and you don’t even need to grill.