The Kabin 1274 pop-up by Magnus Nilsson and Fortum will go on for three nights in the Åre municipality.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated April 08, 2019
Courtesy of Kabin 1274.

On the off chance that you're still looking for Easter dinner plans and feel like hopping on a trans-Atlantic flight, make the trek to Åre ski resort in Sweden, where Chef Magnus Nilsson—of Fäviken, a two-starred Michelin restaurant in the Åre municipality—will collaborate on a pop-up dining experience with Fortum, a clean energy company. The dinner, available between April 20 and 22, will feature a custom menu by Nilsson that features locally-sourced ingredients, just like what you would find at Fäviken. The views are pretty spectacular too, considering the pop-up restaurant—dubbed Kabin 1274—will be in the Kabinbana gondola lift, which reaches 1274 meters (around 4,180 feet) at its peak on Åreskutan mountain.

There will be three seatings total (presumably, one per night). Aside from providing an impressive, mountainous backdrop for Easter dinner, the Kabin 1274 pop-up also has another goal in mind—sustainability. In order to eat at the restaurant, guests need to arrive in “a sustainable manner,” which includes trains and electric vehicles, according to a statement. The concept, Nilsson points out, highlights a sustainablity issue he's noticed—“the vast majority of our customers do so [arrive] by airplane and/or by combustion engine cars,” he said in a statement. Seats at the dinner will be distributed in a giveaway (so long as you check off that sustainable travel box, of course).

“By carrying out these three dinners together with Fortum, we want to do two things," Nilsson also said. "First of all, we want to reward those who have made an active choice in how to get to Åre, second, we want to highlight to all of those who might not think about the fossil free options available to get here, that they are a real possibility.”

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