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Did someone say recall?

Morgan Goldberg
September 27, 2016

America is recall central right now. First listeria was having a moment, and now E. coli is getting in on the fun. Four states' worth of fun, to be exact. Seven people across the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts have contracted cases of E. coli that have been traced back to Adams Farm Slaughterhouse in Athol, Massachusetts.

The farm is voluntarily recalling beef, veal and bison products that originated from animals slaughtered on specific dates in July and August. The meat, which was processed between July 21 and September 22, was shipped to markets, retailers and restaurants in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

No deaths have been reported, however five of the seven people affected have been hospitalized.

Adams Farm claims to have narrowed down the point of contamination to two days in August. While all of the product associated with those two days has been recalled, the USDA asked the farm to recall products from all animals slaughtered over a seven-week period, to which Adams Farm said “nah,” which is not the response consumers would have hoped for. C’mon Adams Farm, take a lesson from Tylenol.