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durian kit kat
Credit: © simonlong  /Getty Images

In a constant bid for attention, brands of every ilk have tried to wow the world with all sorts of crazy flavors and products. Whether it’s Oreo slowly attempting to release every flavor that could possibly be packed into a cookie or Burger King’s recent flare for bizarre food mashups, making a new item head-turning suddenly seems at least as important as making it something that people actually want to eat. Add Kit Kat to the list of brands jumping on the bandwagon of eye-popping food ideas. In Thailand, the candy bar makers are looking to combine the sweet chocolatey taste of Kit Kats with world’s most pungent fruit, the durian.

According to RocketNews24, Thai Minister for Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul recently told reporters at Thailand’s Daily News that his country is in talks with KitKat maker Nestle to create a Durian-flavored Kit Kat, all as a part of a plan to boost tourism. Reportedly, ideas for tamarind- and mangosteen-flavored Kit Kats were also on the table.

Though Americans may just think of Kit Kats as another candy bar on the rack in the checkout aisle, the shareable mix of chocolate and wafer has a more cultish following in Asia. Last year, Tokyo even got a Kit Kat museum showing off the history of Japan’s far out Kit Kat flavors – things like Green Tea, Strawberry Cheesecake and White Chocolate Sake.

But durian has a reputation all of its own. Regularly referred to as the world’s stinkiest fruit, durians – unlike chocolate bars – are often considered an acquired taste. Although Asian nations have certainly acquired that taste far more than those in the West, and in those countries, the intensely-flavored fruit is considered a delicacy that people seek out. So maybe people would travel to Thailand just to try a combination of the cult candy with cult fruit. Apparently the powers that be in Thailand think it will at least drum up more tourism than those poor rejected mangosteen bars.