Fans were already incorporating the coffee and doughnut chain into their ceremonies, but now they can make it official.

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be a helpful way to narrow down colors, flowers, decor, and even the food. Ideally, the theme would be something personal that you and your partner share, like, say, a love of mayonnaise or Dunkin' coffee and doughnuts. Yes, if your heart truly desires, you can now plan the Dunkin' wedding of your dreams with a new merchandise collection from the coffee chain.

Dunkin' Wedding Merch
Credit: Dunkin'

Launching online today, the collection includes a satin robe that says "This Bride Runs on Dunkin,'" a Dunkin' bowtie, and, of course, a Dunkin' veil. Here's a full list of the line, provided by Dunkin'.

  • A Dunkin'-ized veil to walk down the aisle Dunkin' style
  • A Dunkin' patterned bowtie to bring a little pink and orange to a black-tie reception
  • A "This Bride Runs on Dunkin'" satin robe for relaxing before the ceremony
  • Customizable coffee mugs for newlyweds to show they run on Dunkin' together
  • "This Bride / Groom Runs on Dunkin'" and "I Do Crew" tumblers to raise a cup to a life of happiness
  • A Dunkin' Patterned ring bearer pillow for presenting the only ring sweeter than a donut
  • Four new Dunkin' t-shirts that declare you are "Together + Forever" and that "She/He Knows My Order"
  • A "Marry Me, Dunkin'" sweatshirt to make it clear that Dunkin' is the real true love of your life
Dunkin' Wedding Merch
Dunkin' Wedding Merch
Dunkin' Wedding Merch
Left: Credit: Dunkin'
Center: Credit: Dunkin'
Right: Credit: Dunkin'

And if you do say "I do" with a bunch of Dunkin' products around, you wouldn't be alone. Just last October, Dunkin' store manager Sugar Good-Thompson married her sweetheart John Thompson at the Oklahoma City drive-thru where they met a few years prior. Their nuptials included a multi-tiered donut cake and a doughnut and Munchkin bouquet.

Dunkin' Wedding Merch
Credit: Dunkin'

"It's incredible how many fans make Dunkin' a part of their wedding day already," Melanie Rabino, director of brand engagement at Dunkin', said in the announcement. "We want them to know: we hear you, and we're making it official. Wedding merch, a ridiculously fun and fully fan-inspired collection, is finally here." Additionally, Dunkin' is kicking off its Valentine's Day by treating two couples to a drive-thru wedding at a location in Wallkill, NY.

You can browse the Dunkin' wedding collection and other merchandise at