The coffee and donut brand is giving them away via Instagram.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 20, 2019
Courtesy of Dunkin'

For the past two years, Dunkin’ has partnered with the athletic apparel brand Saucony on pairs of donut-inspired running shoes. But needless to say, a pair of shoes doesn’t an ensemble make. So if you’ve been looking to Dunkin’-up your entire wardrobe, you’ll want to pay attention. The donut and coffee chain has announced its unleashing some new items in its “Espresso Wear” collection – and the only way to get them is to win them online.

Back in November, Dunkin’ launched a fake clothing line that included items like Latte-nk Tops, Cappu-chinos, and Americano-veralls. Now, for summer, they’ve extended this Signature Espresso-Wear to include two new items: Latte-nkini and Latte-viators. And since its fitting for summer, the Latte-nk Top is coming back too.

Courtesy of Dunkin'
Courtesy of Dunkin'

There’s one thing all of these articles of clothing have in common: specially-designed (if not necessarily practical) spots for holding a Signature Latte. “Now your lattes won’t be the only thing looking icy cool this summer!” the brand boasts.

That said, any marketing team can design some sort of crazy latte-holding pair of sunglasses; actually making them available to the public is the tough part. But Dunkin’ promises that at least some lucky latte fans will get the chance to win a Latte-nk Top of their very own tomorrow. “While the Latte-nkini and Latte-viators may not be latte-vailable as of now, in celebration of the first day of summer, we’re giving away a limited quantity of the Latte-nk Top this Friday, June 21,” the donut purveyors explain on their website.

Dunkin’ says to start your winning ways, you should follow the brand on Instagram. From there, a spokesperson tells me that you’ll have the chance to score one of 15 exclusive Latte-nk Tops by commenting on stories and posts. However, no word on if those comments can include, “But when will I have the chance to win a pair of Latte-viators?!”