Dunkin' Spices Up Halloween with New Ghost Pepper Doughnut

This treat will play a trick on your taste buds.

Thanks to the pandemic, this year's Halloween doesn't have its usual level of excitement. Parties, trick-or-treating, definitely bobbing for apples — all of these activities are potential virus spreaders. Wouldn't it be great to just feel alive again? Surprisingly enough, Dunkin' may have come to the rescue by introducing the masochist move we need to celebrate the season: a ghost pepper-spiced doughnut.

Launching today at participating locations nationwide, Dunkin's new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut is billed as "a classic yeast doughnut ring, topped with a strawberry flavored icing that features a bold blend of cayenne and ghost pepper, and finished with red sanding sugar for a sizzling look." In case you need the clarification, the ghost pepper is a former record holder for world's spiciest pepper, and is still incredibly hot despite Guinness's current title going to the Carolina Reaper. And good news for spice lovers: Though the "ghost" tie-in is clearly aimed at Halloween, this limited time only spicy doughnut is here to heat us up for the rest of the year, sticking around until December.

Dunkin Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut

"Halloween looks a little different this year, and so do our donuts," Jill Nelson, Dunkin's vice president of marketing strategy, said in the announcement, essentially admitting it's about time we took out our frustrations on our taste buds. "With our scary-good lineup of the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut, Halloween DIY Dunkin' Donut Decorating Kits, and fan-favorite Spider Donut, Dunkin' is here to help our guests keep their Halloween spirit alive this season."

Speaking of which, new this year alongside the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut are those aforementioned decorating kits, intended to give families something to do since normal Halloween activities have been disrupted across much of the country. These four- or nine-count kits come with your choice of plain donuts along with both prepackaged icing in Halloween colors and three sprinkle blends.

But if you're more about tricks than treats, Dunkin' is fine with that, too. In fact, the brand is encouraging people to surprise their friends with a Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut and post the reactions on social media using the hashtag #DunkinSpicySide. You'll also be able to compare their reactions to YouTube's king of spice, Sean Evans. The Hot Ones host will be trying the new doughnut himself in a special Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut episode of the show debuting on October 19. Evans will even be complementing his donuts with a variety of hot sauces… You know, in case one of the hottest peppers on the planet alone isn't enough kick for you.

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