While supplies last, of course.

It seems like just yesterday we were mourning the death of the Dunkin’ Donuts’ Coffee Coolatta—the frozen beverage that contained half of your daily caloric intake (OK, it was actually about 5 weeks ago). Dunkin’s Vice president in charge of branding, Chris Fuqua, was very blunt with Business Insider late in March when he proclaimed that the Coffee Coolatta “isn’t good enough.” While he never really specified “good enough” for what—we’ll acknowledge it’s no Boston crème, but it certainly had its defenders—he did say that it would eventually be replaced with another cold coffee beverage. And now we know what that is and we know that soon, one-time Coolatta acolytes and detractors alike will be offered an opportunity to sample it for free.

In a press release notably wiped clean of any mention of the Coffee Coolatta, Dunkin’ Donuts explained its new drink, called simply Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee.

It will be blended with Arabica coffee, ice and milk or cream, although seven “flavor shots” and four“flavor swirls” can be added to any coffee. As for how it compares to the Coffee Coolatta in terms nutritional facts, the new drink will come in just a bit less calorie heavy than the Coolatta—150 calories according to the press release.

But now to the most important part: the free portion of this announcement. On May 19, 3.5 ounce samples of Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee will be given to all takers while supplies last at participating stores between 10am and 2pm. Sure that doesn’t sound like all that much frozen coffee or all that long a window to grab it, but you’re forgetting the possibility of blueberry and raspberry flavor shots. That’s right: with just a little creativity you could be designing your own free Dunkin’ Unicorn-latta. We’d like to see some random Dunkin’ vice president say that’s “not good enough.”