Dunkin' Donuts' Store of The Future: Everything You Need To Know About the 'Donut-less' Dunkin'

Nitro Cold Brew is just the beginning of Dunkin's shorter-named "store of the future."

The "dunk" (if you will) of a new Dunkin' Donuts store into the world sent ripples across the coffee that is America last week, from its location in the chain's birthplace of the Quincy, MA, a Boston suburb. Why? Oh, just the total absence of "Donuts" from the name. Labeled only "Dunkin'" on the outside, the store is the first test of the company's future concept, which opened today. Dunkin' Donuts revealed the first round of information on its "store of the future" on a Facebook Live stream, and Food & Wine has rounded up everything you need to know about the possible Dunkin' of days to come.

The name is just a test

Since only the exterior of the "next generation concept store for Dunkin'" has been visible up until today, the "Dunkin'" sign has been a big subject of conversation. According to local reps, it's actually the third store to bear the Dunkin'-only brand so far. They claim response has been good, and point out that since ads have been saying "America runs on Dunkin'" for over a decade now, it feels very natural. But, they stress, it's just a test, and heavily imply that the menu remains unchanged.

A new design moves donuts to the forefront

The inside of Dunkin's new concept features what the company says is a more open design, with starker, more "modern" trimmings that feature more glass, natural light, and look not unlike a Starbucks, (or a smaller version of the new, world's largest Wawa). The biggest deal here, though, is that the donut rack has been moved from behind the counter to up front, in a huge glass case that lets you more easily choose your order while you wait.

New nitro cold brew, on tap (and so are all cold breakfast drinks)

No, Dunkin' Donuts, whatever it may be called, is not yet serving beer, but it's an easy mistake to make when you see the store of the future's new tap. With it's silver u-shape and wood-handles, Dunkin's cold morning drinks will now come from a tap, with a lineup that, in its first store at least, consists of, for the first time ever, nitro cold brew, cold brew, original blend, Dunkin' decaf, dark roast, green tea, black tea, and another handle also marked original blend.

Mobile pickup counters, (including drive-through)

With new pickup counters, Dunkin' says, you'll be able to use the Dunkin' mobile app to place an order, then skip the line and grab it right from the new pickup counter. And in what the company claims is a first, you can do the same for drive-through orders, skipping the drive-through line in favor of a second, yield sign-marked lane, which leads to a window where all you have to do is say your name to receive an already-paid-for bag of Dunkin'.

New uniforms

For its uniforms of the future, Dunkin' has partnered with fellow Boston-based company Life is Good to really emphasize both brands apparent dedication to optimism and positive energy. To that end, the new uniforms are T-Shirts that say "fueled by positive energy" on them.

It's just the beginning

The store of the future is located at 588 Washington St, Quincy, MA, 02169, but if you can't make it, don't worry: Dunkin's broadcast ends with the biggest note of all: there are at least 50 similar future stores planned to open across the country by the—very near future—end of 2018, though whether the community will truly accept a new, shorter name will take a bit longer to find out.

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