The chain is dressing up its donuts as spiders, vampires, and ghouls. 
boston scream donut for halloween special at dunkin
Credit: Courtesy of Dunkin’

Halloween is a time of witches brew, bags of candy, fall-scented candles, pumpkin spice coffee—all types of treats, especially the sweet kind, that bring people comfort and make their mouths water. Not to be left out, today Dunkin’ Donuts launched its line of Halloween donuts—a collection of vampire, ghoul, and even spider-themed confections.

Decorated with orange, brown, and purple glazes, and filled with blood-red jelly filling, this Dunkin’ Donuts collection may not scare you away from eating them, although the coffee chain gave them spooky names: There’s the Spider Donut, a glazed doughnut with a spider in the center created with a chocolate Munchkin donut and chocolate frosting, Vampire’s Delight, a jelly doughnut, and the Boston Scream.

To help celebrate the release of its Halloween doughnuts, the company recruited the Dancing Pumpkin Man, real name Matt Geiler, who went viral back in 2006 for his Halloween dance routine that featured him jamming to the Ghostbusters theme music while wearing nothing but a black unitard and a pumpkin mask.

This time, he’s back in action, sporting a glittering purple spandex jumpsuit and of course his pumpkin mask, performing some truly unique dance moves in front of two platters of doughnuts. There’s way to do the video justice. You just have to watch it.

This is the first time ever that Dunkin’ Donuts is dressing its doughnuts up in Halloween costumes for the month of October, which means that throughout this month you can make every morning Halloween morning with one of these treats. Good news for people who live for the upcoming holiday—which is, by the way, quickly approaching so you better make like these doughnuts and pick out your costume—because there’s no better way to transition to autumn than by transforming every aspect of your day-to-day routine into a Halloween-themed romp.