Plus, donut fries and pretzel bites join the new snack menu. 

Calling all Dunkin’ Donuts fanatics. The much-loved coffee shop has introduced a first to its stores: a gluten-free fudge brownie.

The chain has finally decided to recognize the needs of customers with dietary restrictions with the release of its new so-called Dunkin’ Run snack menu, which also includes donut fries, waffle breaded chicken tenders, and pretzel bites. In a statement, the company called the brownie “chewy and delicious,” predicting that even people without gluten intolerance will like it.

In June, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that it would be releasing donut fries, a more mobile-friendly way of eating your typical round doughnut. Admittedly, these doughnut spears do look slightly easier to eat if you’re running to catch your train with a coffee in one hand. Sorry, the rest of the Dunkin’ Run snack menu isn’t gluten-free—at least for now.

Every item on Dunkin’ Donuts new snack menu is under two dollars, which makes it even more of a temptation to stop by for donut fries when your sweet tooth takes control of your body. The rest of the Dunkin’ Run menu items are more geared toward lunch, which might mean that the chain is trying the pull in customers outside of breakfast rush hour—maybe even tempting skeptics to stop in for lunch. I don't know about you, but I definitely need a caffeine boost in the middle of the day.

Of course, Starbucks already has plenty of gluten-free menu items on hand, including a breakfast sandwich, so it seems as though Dunkin’ Donuts is playing catch up with its competitors. Don’t worry, though. Dunkin’ Donuts won’t be down for long. The chain seems to be undergoing a rebranding effort: It will be phasing out its iconic Styrofoam cups and in some places has dropped the ‘Donuts’ from its name altogether. The company also has plans to open 9,000 new locations, some of which may even include drive-thru windows (finally).