In case you want a side of fries with your morning coffee. 
Dunkin Donut Fries
Credit: Courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts

Most people can agree that French fries are the perfect side to fast food (unless you’re on team onion rings). Those crispy, salty potato sticks are a tried-and-true staple of every fast food chain these days —even Taco Bell recently launched its own version (sprinkled with nacho seasoning of course). Dunkin’ Donuts got in on the action earlier this year with a new twist on the classic: donut fries. And as of July 2, the famed coffee chain will be selling these beauties nationwide.

DD's commuter customer base will have a lot to be grateful for. The fries are basically bite-size donuts that you can eat in your car at a red light, or quickly snack on before shoving your way into a packed subway train. (They remind us of French toast sticks, and we're not mad about that.)

When they tested them out in Boston earlier this year, they were an instant hit—no surprised there. According to a statement from Dunkin’, the fries are made from “croissant-style” dough, covered in a cinnamon sugar, and served warm. So, what's not to like?

The fries aren't the only new item Dunkin’ Donuts is coming up with in the ever growing fast food breakfast wars, of course. They've also recently tried out Munchkin Dippers and an egg and cheese Wake-up Wrap. And they're doubling down on their beloved coffee, too: Their coffee flavors are now available in ice cream form, and they're also releasing a candy inspired by the coffee — amazing news for die-hard Dunkin’ fans. But there is one familiar aspect of the chain that you won’t be seeing around for very much longer: those Styrofoam cups. Dunkin’ Donuts plans to phase them out of stores in order to decrease its impact on the environment.