Courtesy of Fat Sal’s

The coffee chain's Beirut location is making a shake that's surprisingly similar to NYC's Black Tap. 

Elisabeth Sherman
Updated June 21, 2017

Dunkin’ Donuts is once again causing a stir for copy-catting someone else’s dessert creation (the last time this happened, the South Korean outpost of the chain sold knock-off Cronuts).

Eater reports that Dunkin’ Donuts in Lebanon is now selling a milkshake that looks almost identical to those invented by New York City’s Black Tap, known for being topped with whole slices of cake, candy bars, and cotton candy. And they’ve found plenty of success doing it: This summer they’ll be introducing two trucks that will serve their famous milkshakes on the streets.

The Dunkin’ Donuts version is a blended iced latte, embellished with a mountain of whipped cream, one of their chocolate glazed doughnuts, and finished with a crust of chocolate covered candies around the rim. Another version is topped with caramel sauce, chocolate bars, and a chocolate doughnut. Considering Dunkin' Donuts mostly serves, you know, coffee and doughnuts (with the occasional frozen coffee thrown in), it does certainly seem like their Lebanon outpost is taking a page from Black Tap's playbook.

To be fair, the idea for a sweets-laden milkshake has been floating around for a while. Another restaurant in Australia serves a smaller version of similarly topped milkshakes. Last year, a Florida restaurant called Bocas House introduced their own version of the towering milkshakes that came with entire brownies and of course, slices of cake. 

For now, there's no word that these milkshakes will be making their way to America, which is probably for the best, as a giant chain copying a New York City restaurant probably wouldn't go over too well. Then again, Dunkin' does now sell the aforementioned Cronut knockoffs in their stores nationwide.

In the end, it's obvious Dunkin’ Donuts is trying to capitalize on Black Tap’s viral success. And it looks like the chain is getting plenty attention for the stunt — just not the kind they wanted.