Dunkin' Adds Avocado Toast to Its Spring Menu

At just $2.99 a pop, maybe millennials can finally save to buy a house, right?

We can't turn back the clock on a terrible 2020, but what if we if pretended it never happened? Heck, what if we just wiped the past several years from our memory? Believe it or not, Dunkin's new spring menu might help us get there. The coffee and donut chain just announced its new seasonal items, and headlining the list is every millennial's favorite mid-2010s food: avocado toast.

"Avo for all," Dunkin' boasts in their latest launch. The chain's take on this modern classic is described as featuring a "spread made with four simple ingredients: avocado, sea salt, black pepper, and lemon juice," served edge-to-edge atop "Dunkin's authentic toasted Sourdough Bread, baked from a recipe created especially by Dunkin' using a true Sourdough starter for a tangy twist." (Sounds like Dunkin' had a quarantine hobby!) The whole thing is then topped off with Everything Bagel Seasoning and served "in a special portable box."

What would a recklessly splurging millennial expect to pay for such a luxury instead of building a nest egg? Well, just $2.99 actually.

Dunkin' Avocado Toast

"Dunkin's new Avocado Toast is the definition of quality delivered at the speed of Dunkin'," stated Jill Nelson, the chain's vice president of marketing and culinary. "We've taken a popular brunch staple and made it accessible for anyone looking for something easy and delicious to eat on-the-go. With simple ingredients at an affordable price, Dunkin's Avocado Toast is the latest feel good addition to our evolving menu."

Of course, as we've slowly learned since 2017, there are other foods besides avocado toast—and Dunkin' has added a couple of them to their spring menu as well. Those seeking savory options can now choose from two different Grilled Cheese Melts: one with and one without black forest ham. Probably not coincidentally, these melts are also served on sourdough bread with both white cheddar and American cheese.

Dunkin' has also added seasonal drinks galore, both new and returning: a Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam (that features a "vanilla-forward flavor"), a Chocolate Stout Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam, the Charli Cold Foam (billed as "a remix of Charli's go-to Dunkin' order that debuted on Dunkin' menus in September 2020"), the Blueberry Matcha Latte (said to be a "combination of our sweetened Matcha green tea powder blend with blueberry flavor and guests' choice of milk," sold hot, iced, or frozen), and Irish Creme Flavored Coffee (which has the flavor of Irish Creme whiskey, but unfortunately, not the alcohol).

And finally, though they may have axed the "Donut" from their name, it wouldn't be a new menu without a new donut, so say hello to the Matcha Topped Donut—featuring "Dunkin's signature Glazed Donut topped with Matcha powder for an enticing green tea flavor." Whether Dunkin' would be willing to swap out Matcha powder for the enticing green color of avocado spread is a question you'll have to ask at the store yourself.

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