The 2011 edition of F&W Cocktails, out this month, reveals the latest drink news from bars across the country. Here are four of the best drink trends, with cocktail recipes to match.
Porch Crawler

© Tina Rupp

1. Drink Trend: Chef Cocktails

Top chefs are teaming up with mixologists—and sometimes even picking up cocktail shakers—to create innovative drinks like the Porch Crawler.

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© Tina Rupp

2. Drink Trend: Salted Spirits

Big grains of salt rim many a margarita glass. But as the Silver Monk proves, a pinch of salt can add complexity to sophisticated bittersweet drinks.

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Almond-Fennel Cooler

© Tina Rupp

3. Drink Trend: Soda-Fountain Drinks

Mixologists are taking a cue from old-fashioned soda fountains and making nonalcoholic cocktails with artisanal syrups, like the Almond-Fennel Cooler.

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Tea Thyme

© Tina Rupp

4. Drink Trend: Tea Infusions

Steeping spirits with tea can add depth. Try black tea for astringency (as in the Tea Thyme), green tea for nuttiness and jasmine tea for floral notes.

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