Drink it Your Way With Burger King's Whopper Wine

Photo: Courtesy of Burger King España

Pairing a rustic red wine with beef is a well-loved dining standard, and apparently Burger King wants in on the action. Enter Whopper Wine, a limited release that the fast food giant is launching to celebrate their 40th year in Spain.

When the chain opened their first locations in the country back in 1975, they immediately offered wine to appeal to local tastes and have ever since. Stateside, BK has announced plans to open 'Whopper Bars' to serve beer alongside their burgers. This is part of a larger trend in the fast food industry to attract an adult clientele with alcohol.

The proprietary, flame-broiled wine (yes, it actually is somehow) is locally produced in Spain, and marks Burger King's first foray into a branded adult beverage. The packaging is surprisingly sleek, and dare we say could probably fool even a snobby connoisseur into picking a bottle up at the wine shop.

It's unclear if Whopper Wine will make it on the menu long-term, but for now customers can get their hands on an entire case by winning a contest in which they're asked to submit a Burger King-themed memory. Of course if you drink too much wine at Burger King to begin with, you may not remember being there at all.

[h/t The Dieline]

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