Hot Ale Flips, anyone?

Hot Ale Flip
Credit: Courtesy of Porterhouse Brew Co.

Celebrating President’s Day Weekend usually means taking a quick trip with the family, or barricading yourself at home for a much-needed staycation (hello, Netflix). However, if you find yourself in New York City this weekend, we’ve found a way for you to celebrate that would make George Washington, our very first president, proud—and it just so happens to involve one of his favorite cocktails.

This Friday, Lower Manhattan’s Porterhouse Brew Co. will be adding “Hot Ale Flips” to its menu—a favored drink by Washington, who used to order them at Porterhouse’s sister restaurant, Fraunces Tavern. If you’re unfamiliar with a Hot Ale Flip, allow us to paint a (very) vivid picture. You take a fire poker, heat it up until it’s glowing, and then plunge it into a pitcher traditionally filled with ale, rum, and sugar, according to The Atlantic. Porterhouse Brew Co.’s take involves its house Irish Red Ale, Lemon Hart and Son 151 rum, and sugar—once it’s "bubbling hot and frothy," they serve it up. (They also heat the poker with a blowtorch instead of a fireplace, as a modern upgrade).

The Porterhouse team told us that the drink was popular during Washington’s time due to the abundance of fire pokers in bars and taverns. Plus, cold beer wasn’t as much of a thing, since refrigerators hadn’t been invented yet. Hot Ale Flips aren't commonly served at bars today, so if you’re in town this weekend, take advantage and give it a try (the process is pretty visually dynamic, so it'll be worth the trip).

We also have a list of what other presidents liked to drink, in case you're interested in making an event out of it—apparently, John Adams was partial to hard cider, while Nixon loved Bordeaux. And in other President’s Day Weekend news, there are usually plenty of sales going on—and we’ve rounded up tons of great deals on amazon, ranging from Instant Pots to electric kettles.