A subsidiary of Heineken called Tiger Beer has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund.

Tiger Beer, the popular Singaporean beer owned by Heineken, has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund, to create the 3890Tigers campaign, a six-year partnership that hopes to regenerate the dwindling tiger population.

Tiger Beer and WWF partnership
Credit: JENS SCHLUETER / Staff / Getty Images

The name of the campaign is a nod to the fact that there are only 3,980 tigers remaining in the wild, though they used to be one of the most abundant feline predators in Asia. In the last 100 years, their population has shrunk by a shocking 96 percent, mainly due to the illegal tiger trade.

artwork, animals and beer tiger beer wwf
Credit: Courtesy of Tiger Beer and WWF

Tiger Beer and the WWF have joined forces to support the Tx2 goal, a commitment from the 13 countries where tigers now roam free to double the wild tiger population to 6,000 tigers by 2022.

wwf saving tigers
Credit: Courtesy of Tiger Beer and WWF

To raise awareness about the campaign, Tiger Beer commissioned six artists to create original works of art that celebrate wild tigers.

nick gentry tiger beer and wwf
Credit: Courtesy of Tiger Beer and WWF

The company will also donate $1 million towards the Tx2 goal. In honor of that substantial gift, Tiger Beer will release a limited edition design on their bottles and packaging, removing the tiger from the label for the first time in their 84-year history.

“We can’t imagine a world without tigers and if they disappear, it would not only have an environmental impact, but also be a real loss for our culture,” Mie-Leng Wong, Global Director at Tiger Beer, Heineken Asia Pacific, said in a statement.

Tiger Beer is encouraging people to join the campaign by uploading a selfie to the 3890Tigers website. You can then choose one of the featured artist’s pieces to integrate with your photo.

Tiger beer joins a host of alcohol companies that support preservation of wildlife, from a gin that wants to preserve elephant habitats, to a vodka that donates its profits to preventing snow leopard extinction. It’s a message most people can behind: Want to save the planet and all its adorable creatures? Have a drink.