The 3-D Dream Arts Pen kit uses ultraviolet light to turn "ink" into food figurines.
3-d pen food themed japan
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

We know that there's a high demand in Japan for tiny foods. From Bandai releasing a whole line of itty bitty kitchen implements to YouTube stars creating ridiculously small corn dogs to these Instagram shots of tiny sushi rolls and other micro foods, Japan has pretty much mastered the art of food miniatures. Now, with the 3-D Dream Arts Pen, creating adorable little food figurines no longer has to be just for people with a lot of free time and very steady hands. All you have to do to use the Dream Arts Pen is load it up with ink, fill in the appropriate molds, and your mini food figurine is done.

The 3-D Dream Arts Pen kit comes with four different color pens, each filled with a different color of ink, mixing bowls, dozens of molds, an ultraviolet light to dry the ink, and a set of instructions. You can make sushi, burgers, gyoza, fruits, vegetables, fried shrimp, ice cream, ramen, and more. According to RocketNews24, each food that you can make is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, based on how difficult it is to accomplish. Watch YouTuber MiniatureRoom create the ramen below:

A previous 3-D Dream Arts Pen kit focused completely on fruits and vegetables, allowing you to make tiny citrus slices, pineapples, grapes, bananas, kiwis, and more. Somehow, they don't have quite the charm of the mini pieces of sushi and ramen bowls, but they're still pretty cute. Other, non-food related kits have included such delightful molds as unicorns and castles, the characters from Finding Dory, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The kit is selling for 3,520 yen (about $32) on Amazon Japan and Rakuten, but if you want one delivered stateside, RocketNews24 suggests a forwarding service like Tenso which basically operates as your "home" address in Japan, then ships things anywhere in the world.