Credit: © National Geographic Image Collection / Alamy

What’s the deal with airline food? The deal is that it’s not just a stand-up punch line from losing acts on Star Search anymore. A German company has actually come up with a plan that will allow customers to eat airline food in the comfort of their own homes.

Air Food One is a subscription service that delivers the much-maligned meals right to a customer’s door every week (assuming you live in Germany. Formed as a partnership between the online grocery store and LSG Sky Chefs—the company that provides food for Lufthansa—Air Food One offers either classic or vegetarian dinners from each week’s business-class menu. You have to provide your own tiny bottles of alcohol though.

The best part is that the food is 100 percent authentic airline cuisine. How do we know? Because they are actually leftovers. Far from just a fun marketing ploy, according to Springwise, “the service lets LSG Sky Chefs get rid of the excess meals not needed by its flying customers, avoiding waste.”

But here’s the real punch line: The classic option sells for €10, or about $13 in American terms. Yeah, they want you to pay nearly 13 bucks to eat leftover airline food. Next up, selling those crappy airline headphones for $99 under the name Beats by Delta.