Dennis Graham ends up stealing the show. 
Drake whiskey commercial
Credit: Ron Turenne/Getty Images

Imagine, for a moment, that you are Drake. You’re at an intimate, upscale bar, where the décor is all dark wood and leather. There’s a fire roaring and the whole room is candlelit. You—Drake—are wearing your finest black turtleneck. You go up to the bar and order a whiskey (Virginia Black in this case) and as you bring the tumbler up to your lips to take a sip, you see a beautiful woman dancing in the center of the room. Being that you’re Drake, you have to approach her. What could go wrong?

This is the premise of Drake’s new commercial for Virginia Black whiskey, which places the rapper and R&B artist in a setting where he is sure to thrive. Except there’s one factor you probably weren’t expecting: his dad.

Yes, Dennis Graham also makes an appearance alongside his son in the commercial, but he’s definitely not there to act as his wingman. Thinking the beautiful dancing women is making eyes at him, Drake makes his way over to her, but she walks right past him and joins his father on the dance floor.

“Nice turtleneck,” Graham quips as he hands his son his drink, leaving Drake alone on in the bar looking ridiculous, awkward, and very disappointed. You might want to stop picturing yourself as Drake now.

The whole commercial is worth a watch, if only to see the look of confusion on Drake’s face when he realizes he’s just been played by his own dad, but honestly, that turtleneck looks really good on him, too. It’s also refreshing to see a celebrity willingly poke fun at himself.

By the way, Virginia Black’s slogan is “One sip and wooo,” which is exactly how you might feel if you went out for a night on the town with your dad he ended up stealing your date.