Directed by Karena Evans, the New Orleans-based video feels like a tribute to the city. 
Blue Nile, New Orleans
Credit: Charlotte Observer/Getty Images

On Thursday night, Drake dropped his much-anticipated "In My Feelings" video, and it has us in our feelings about how much we love New Orleans and all of its phenomenal late-night eating. The video, directed by his frequent collaborator Karena Evans, is set in the city and chronicles a fever dream the rapper has about the viral dance craze that the track inspired.

Sampling two New Orleans rappers—Lil' Wayne and the late Magnolia Shorty—and showing a traditional second line parade, the video also takes us to some beloved Nola restaurants and bars.

We see Drake and pals hanging out at Gene's PO-Boys (1040 Elysian Fields Ave), a classic stop for all kinds of po'boys—don't miss the catfish, hot sausage, and roast beef—that's open 24/7, making it a popular late-night hang-out spot.

Another scene takes place in front of Dat Dog, a fantastic local hot dog chain that serves some of the finest dogs, sausages (including crawfish, duck, and alligator), and burgers in town.

And what would a New Orleans-based music video be without some daiquiris? There are a few shots of The Blue Nile, a music venue on Frenchmen Street that has hosted some of the best jazz, blues, and funk musicians in the country. They also serve daiquiris—good ones, too.

We've probably left out some blink-and-you'll-miss-it places, which is why we plan to keep re-watching the video for the rest of the day.

The video stars La La Anthony as the infamous Keke and includes cameos from Big Freedia, Will Smith, the kids from Stranger Things, and, of course, Shiggy, whose #InMyFeelingsChallenge launched the viral sensation surrounding the song.

Restaurants often play a role in Drake's music and videos—perhaps because he has one himself and is interested in the food world. In "Diplomatic Immunity," for example, he shouts two of the more notorious Italian spots in L.A.: Giorgio Baldi and Madeo. “Caterin' is from Giorgio Baldi, Robyn's favorite / Shit is nice, but I prefer Madeo / Calamari rings and tomato," he raps, calling Rihanna by her first name, Robyn. We firmly believe that more popular music should involve calamari.