Drake Releases Two Very Expensive Champagnes

The bottles are billed as "exquisite masterpieces" by Champagne Papi's bubbly brand, Mod Sélection. 

Drake Champagne Mod Sélection
Photo: Mod Sélection

Like any sensible musician looking to grow their wealth, Drake has a wide range of investments. He has a whiskey brand, backs a matcha company, and had a restaurant—past tense, because it reportedly permanently closed just last week. But in 2019, Drake has been all about Champagne.

Back in January, the multiplatinum Canadian rapper debuted Mod Sélection, a bubbly brand created in collaboration with Brent Hocking (the same drinks entrepreneur behind his Virginia Black whiskey). The first two offerings were Mod Réserve Champagne and Mod Rosé Champagne—priced at $300 and $400, respectively. Not looking to throw down those amounts for Drake’s Champagne? Don’t worry, now you can pay significantly more: $550.

To end the year, Mod Sélection has announced two new bottles—Mod Sélection Réserve Vintage 2008 and Mod Sélection Rosé Vintage 2008—billed as “exquisite masterpieces from a lauded harvest year.” The former is said to offer “a noticeable elegance and finesse in the bead,” with “aromas of rich, ripe fruit” followed by flavors of “orange peel, dried apricot and pineapple [that] leave place for brioche, nutmeg and clove.”

Meanwhile, the rosé is described in a release as having “a remarkable deep-salmon hue, emblematic of the rare Saignée method” with flavors of “concentrated and complex fresh red fruit—strawberry, blood orange and plum,” followed by “honey, ginger and sweet spice, true of such a vintage,” before “perfectly balanced acidity results in a finish both graceful and opulent.”

“The attention to detail in every aspect of our production process is what sets this Champagne apart from all other 2008 vintages the industry has seen this year,” Hocking said about his bubby, which is produced in partnership with Maison Pierre Mignon. “We have purposely waited to release these special blends to ensure optimum quality and purity—and we believe they’re worth the wait.”

But are they worth the money? The Réserve has a suggested price of $480 while the Rosé will set Drake fans and Champagne lovers back a whopping $550. Granted, you’re getting more than just the sparkling wine inside: “In keeping with the brand’s inaugural releases, the 2008 vintage varietals are packaged in rich brown metallic bottles, with avant-garde décor and adornment process,” Mod Sélection states. “Delicate symbolized patterns and embellishments are handcrafted and applied by the finest artisans in Champagne, ensuring no two bottles are ever alike.”

Translation: Mod Sélection’s new vintage Champagnes are a great way to flaunt your own personal wealth before, during, and even after drinking. Just don’t call it an “investment.”

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