Credit: © Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos / Alamy

In some restaurants, the food can taste so good it seems downright addictive. Or maybe they just laced it with narcotics.

That’s the case at dozens of restaurants in China that have recently been accused of illegally seasoning foods with ground poppy powder. The poppy plant is used to produce opiates like morphine, and though China has a history of using poppy powder in foods, the substance is banned in the country because it contains low amounts of the drug.

According to the BBC, five restaurants are currently being prosecuted for using the illegal additive and another 30 are under investigation. And these incidents are nothing new. In 2012, seven restaurants were shut down for similar reasons, and in 2004, over 200 restaurants were closed for using poppy illegally.

At least one restaurant claims that the poppy accusations aren’t its fault. A general manager from Beijing’s Huda Restaurant chain said her company may have accidentally gotten its hands on some contaminated seasonings. Don’t you hate when people put free drugs in your food?