With scone mix, teas inspired by your favorite characters, and a wine collection, even the Dowager Countess will be impressed.
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We’re only days away from the Downton Abbey movie premiering in the U.S.—cue more sassy remarks from Violet, squabbles between Mary and Edith, and an ever-exasperated Lord Grantham. To celebrate, several companies have recently launched themed products, ranging from teas inspired by your favorite characters to a cookbook with over 100 recipes, should you feel like hosting a multi-course dinner party. (Mrs. Patmore would be so proud.) For all of the super fans out there—us included—we’ve gathered them into one convenient place so you can find everything you need for a Downton-worthy soirée. Read on to find out where you can buy them.


Cost Plus World Market Downton Abbey Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Cost Plus World Market

Afternoon Tea Honey

Some people prefer sugar to sweeten their tea, others prefer honey. If you’re in the latter camp, give this Spanish golden wildflower honey a try.

Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Honey, $8 at worldmarket.com

Orange Marmalade

This elegant marmalade pairs well with crumpets and biscuits.

Downton Abbey Orange Marmalade Set Of 2, $10 at worldmarket.com

Blackcurrant Jam

Made with sugar, blackcurrants, and lemon juice, this simple jam has a tangy flavor.

Downton Abbey Blackcurrant Jam Set Of 2, $10 at worldmarket.com

Lemon Curd

For all the traditional afternoon tea spreads, lemon curd has to be one of the best. It adds a brightness and acidity to scones, biscuits, cakes, and more—this particular curd is a third-generation family recipe.

Downton Abbey Lemon Curd Set Of 2, $10 at worldmarket.com

Scone Mix

This set will help you whip up perfect English scones, whether you’re looking to impress guests at your next afternoon tea or want a light, simple breakfast.

Downton Abbey Traditional Organic Scone Mix Set Of 2, $8 at worldmarket.com

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook is packed with over 100 recipes that are inspired by—or have even been featured on—the show, such as the golden lobster cutlets from Edith’s canceled wedding to Sir Anthony Strallan (she really can’t catch a break) to Sole a la Florentine.

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook, $22.50 (was $35) at amazon.com


Cost Plus World Market Downton Abbey Teas
Credit: Courtesy of Cost Plus World Market

Estate Blend Tea

Fans of Violet Crawley will want to grab this tea tin, considering that the sharp-tongued Dowager Countess is featured in the design. As for the tea, it’s a classic Earl Grey blend mixed with “bergamot, orange oil, and exotic vanilla.”

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey Estate Blend Tea Tin, $13 at worldmarket.com

English Rose Tea

This tea tin features the three Crawley sisters—Mary, Edith, and Sybil—and is filled with English Rose Tea, made with rose, raspberry and hibiscus leaves.

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey English Rose Tea, $13 at worldmarket.com

Christmas Tea

As you can deduce, this tea is meant to be enjoyed around the holidays. It’s caffeine-free, and includes hibiscus, apple bits, sweet blackberry leaves, natural cranberry and pine flavors, rosehip peels and cranberry bits for a seasonal flavor.

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey Christmas Tea, $13 at worldmarket.com

Tea Gift Box

This gift set includes two different blends of tea. The first is the Lord & Lady Grantham tea, brewed with black tea, cinnamon, cloves, licorice root and apple bits; as for the Violet & Mary tea, it includes ginger, orange, bergamot mint, lemon thyme, anise and blackberry leaves. Each tea includes 36 tea bags, for a grand total of 72.

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey Gift Box, $25 at worldmarket.com

The Bates' Tea

Whether you love or hate the constant drama with Bates, the tea inspired by him and Anna sounds pretty good. It’s a natural black tea blend flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, plum, sloe berries, and elderberries.

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey The Bates' Tea, $13 at worldmarket.com

Mrs. Patmore's Pudding Tea

Cheers to Downton’s beloved cook with this “Pudding Tea,” which was inspired by a confection—a mix of sweet blackberry leaves, carob nibs, caramel, and vanilla.

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey Mrs Patmore's Pudding Tea, $13 at worldmarket.com

Tea Ceramics

Although they won’t be launching until October, you can view the teacups and saucers, creamer, sugar bowl set, teapot, and plates soon joining Cost Plus World Market's Downton Abbey collection. Check them out on the site.

Wine and Spirits

Credit: Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images / Lot18

The Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book
This book includes plenty of drinks you can whip up when you’re entertaining, such as the Mint Julep and Planter’s Punch—there’s also a nod to the dowager Countess in “The Final Say,” which has creme de violet in it.

The Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book: Appropriate Libations for All Occasions, $22.50 (list price $25) at amazon.com

Lot 18 Wine Collection
Lot 18 (now Tasting Room) has made plenty of themed wines in the past, ranging from Portlandia wine to Assassin’s Creed wine, so its Downton Abbey collection should come as no surprise. There are three wines total—Downton Abbey Sparkling Rose from Val de Loire, France; a 2018 Downton Abbey Bordeaux Blanc; and a 2018 Downton Abbey Bordeaux Rouge. You can grab them at select Cost Plus World Market stores or online.

Harrogate Tipple’s Gin and Whiskey
While they haven’t officially launched in the U.S. yet, U.K. Distillery Harrogate Tipple has announced the launch of a Downton-themed gin and whiskey. The gin (43 percent ABV) is made with ingredients "hand-selected to evoke the era of Downton," including ginger, lime, and rose water—the whiskey, on the other hand, is 80-proof and more straightforward.