By F&W Editors
Updated June 03, 2019

Whether dining out at fantastic new restaurants or cooking at home with the season's best ingredients, the F&W team lives to eat and share (well, virtually). Here, highlights from editors' dining adventures on social media.

Alex Vallis got her hands on one of Doughnut Plant's pumpkin cake doughnuts with spiced pepitas. The verdict? "GOOD"

Kate Krader traveled to Charleston, SC for Cook It Raw where she ate April Bloomfield's 40-day aged rib-eye & oyster ice cream.

Feeling the first signs of a fall cold coming on, James Pomerantz forwent traditional remedies and instead self-medicated with a large dose of pork. He's all better now.

Whatever it was Christina Grdovic ate at Marea and Charlie Bird, Michael Douglas and George Stephanopoulus wanted a bite.