Credit: © The Doughnut Project

Some bagel lovers swear by “everything” bagels, which, for those not in the know, are bagels topped with a wild mix of seeds, typically sesame and poppy, and seasonings, like garlic, onion and salt. They are as delicious as they are guaranteed to get something stuck in your teeth. For other people, though, the torus-shaped breakfast food of choice is a doughnut.

But now, the worlds of bagel and doughnut have collided in sweet and savory chaos. Yesterday, The Doughnut Project in New York unveiled the Everything Doughnut—a doughnut fittingly covered in a bagel-acknowledging cream cheese glaze before being topped off with “Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Pepitas, Garlic & Sea Salt.”

Though the combination may seem a bit strange, according to First We Feast, the Everything Doughnut went through a round of taste-testing before making its official debut, meaning some doughnut fan somewhere was willing to give this unholy union of holey breakfast foods a thumbs-up.

As to whether it’s the right breakfast choice for you, simply ask yourself, “Am I willing to question everything I believe about the universe?” Though speaking of the universe, Einstein proved that time and space are related, so why not bagels and doughnuts? And then didn’t Einstein go on to open a bagel chain? Pretty sure he did. That’s gotta be a sign.