Credit: © Fany Gerson

Babka probably doesn’t get the respect it deserves as a superior pastry. But that might change with the invention of “doughka,” a food mashup that certainly seems to have the potential to catapult it to stardom.

Though it might be a bit early to say her ambitions are that high, New York City-based pastry chef Fany Gerson is certainly excited about her new creation. According to Grub Street, these doughka are babka loaves made from doughnut dough that is then rolled, cut, braided and baked to give them that authentic Jewish babka look.

She’ll be selling limited runs of doughkas in three flavors—Mexican chocolate, lemon & olive oil and sticky banana—at the Flatiron location of her Dough bakeries on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons starting Fe. 13 (for now, just chocolate is available).

Gerson, who is both Mexican and Jewish, was partly inspired by her heritage to create this latest food mashup, but she also had simpler motivations. “I want to have a little fun!” she told Grub Street. “I really like baking with our doughnut dough because it's not super rich. This is an exciting testing phase. We want to try a lot of different things.”

You know what? Maybe we should just make everything out of doughnuts!