By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 22, 2015
Courtesy of il Morso

Like many people in the middle of the day we reach for an extra cup of coffee or at the very least some strong tea to keep us moving. But as much as we enjoy the ritual of getting up from our desk and walking sleepily over to the coffee maker, sometimes it’s best to take a shortcut to a caffeinated, alert state. And that’s why we were very happy to find some extra caffeinated chocolate.

New chocolate startup Il Morso loads up tiny chocolate bites with caffeine from espresso beans and matcha powder and, unlike a lot of products designed to punch up your caffeine levels, delivers an energy boost that actually tastes good. We tried every flavor Il Morso currently makes and found the pleasant bite you get from dark chocolate with a nice coffee bean backbone. In addition to making tasty chocolate, the company’s founders, which include chocolatier Jordan Schuster of the sadly closed Fearless Chocolate company, also worked to make sure you could dose yourself appropriately with caffeine and avoid the midday jitters you usually get from too much coffee. The most potent of the chocolates has about half the caffeine of an espresso shot, but according to Schuster and his co-founder Jason Berton, an additional kick comes from the cocoa butter—a high quality fat that the caffeine molecules can bond to for easier access into the blood stream.

While we find the science behind our caffeine habit fascinating, we’re mostly interested in the results. And after snacking on a little chocolate this afternoon, we’re happy to say we’re wide awake. You can find Il Morso Chocolate on their website