It's a noble purpose. 
free burrito day
Credit: © John Kelly / Getty Images

Dos Toros knows that the only thing better than a burrito is a burrito you didn't pay for. That's why the regional tacqueria (they currently have 15 spots in New York City and three in Chicago) is taking a cue from Supreme and "dropping" freebies via their new Burrito Time app.

When is burrito time, exactly? Whenever Dos Toros feels like it. Every day, at a random time, the app's users get a push notification. The first ten people to see that notification and open Burrito Time receive a virtual coupon that can be redeemed for a free burrito at any Dos Toros location. There is beauty in its simplicity.

There is also beauty in Pinto, Dos Toros' sentient, tin foil-wrapped burrito mascot (and your guide through the app). This is what it looks like when you open Burrito Time and Pinto is off-duty.

Credit: Dos Toros/Burrito Time

Honestly, this little guy needs the rest, because he has lived. Here's everything we know about Pinto so far.

As of December 11, 2017, Pinto was 25 years old, meaning he was born between 1991 and 1992. He loves dogs and only takes gym selfies ironically.

Despite having been to Machu Picchu, he didn't include any pics of the trip in his online dating profile. Which shows some serious restraint.

Britney considers him her muse.

He started his own religion, Pintoism, and personally baptizes every new follower in hot sauce.

He briefly dated Barbie when she and Ken were "on a break." They still text.

But just as friends! Pinto is in a committed relationship now.

Although, sometimes he misses being single.

He lifts.

He had a brief modeling career in the '90s, but couldn't master the runway walk (no feet).

Once, in Daytona Beach, he did a cannonball off of his hotel room balcony into the pool below. Everyone who witnessed this act agreed it was "sick as hell."

But, while spring break is fun and all, Pinto lives for fall. He'll order a PSL in, like, August. (Yes, he's that burrito.)