By Matt McCue
Updated May 21, 2014
Photo by Dave Potes, courtesy of King Noodle

At his Bushwick, Brooklyn, outpost King Noodle, chef Nick Subic has gone gonzo by mixing electric-orange Doritos and kimchi into his silky-smooth carbonara. “I think a lot of people come at this dish already thinking they know if they’ll like it or not,” says Subic. “You have to knock their socks off if they came to hate it. We’ve probably spent more time with this dish than any other, trying to tweak and balance the flavors and make it consistent from day to day.”

Crackpot Inspiration: When Subic developed the recipes for his menu, he and his staff were using a bar’s kitchen, so Subic was always running to the corner bodega to grab basic ingredients like Doritos, cotija cheese and hot sauce. “When we did our first tasting, I put out a bunch of little bowls with pickles, kimchi and peanuts, and then I put the Doritos in one as a joke,” says Subic. “A friend who sat in at the tasting put some on the Kimchi Carbonara and the dish became a hit.”

Outrageous Factor: 10. Is there anything Doritos can’t put an exclamation point on?

Detox Level: